Large water village

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   Crazy super large water house kiosk, imposing the shock of the large bucket pour, crazy rotating slide, a linear slideway almost vertical, with water gun water gun has a variety of realistic, fantastic water, water on the swing, climbing pipe, wind wheel and so on, there is only the Miao Wei Qiao a variety of animal shapes. The subtle combination of space, the distribution of a variety of water entertainment clever in every corner of the kiosk, which is full of high-tech "heavy verve, funny elves" Water City fans.

Product features:

A: large size, rich and beautiful appearance, is a large-scale water park landmark facilities

B: interactive and interesting collection in a body, for everyone to play.

C: two super big bucket turn crazy

D: a number of fun swimming, very fun, everyone love it, love it.

E: glass fiber reinforced plastic and galvanized steel combination, has better corrosion resistance

F: a variety of styles can be flexible design